The Story

The Journey of Pandora’s Box parallels the creation of Pandora, the first woman created by the Greek gods.
The passions of your relationship spawn from the fire of love, just as Pandora was spawned from the fire of the gods. We call this The Flame, the heat and desires that are the most primal in your relationship.
Mankind stole fire from Zeus, which sparked the creation of Pandora, just as fire sparked your relationship; now it comes time to build Pandora herself. As Pandora was built from the earth; we build out the relationship with ground work and personal understanding of one another.
After her conception, each god gave Pandora a unique gift. Athena granted Pandora the use of her hands, and Aphrodite bestowed beauty upon Pandora. However, not every god gifted Pandora with pleasantries. Zeus, out of anger towards mankind made Pandora a temptress. Pandora’s sole purpose was to torment man. 
It was then that mankind indulged in Pandora, admiring every quality the gods bestowed on her. Through Pandora’s engagement with these new experiences, nothing but Hope and Unity were left in the box.
The journey of Pandora’s Box will take you and your partner on the myth of Pandora’s creation. This experience will ultimately create something whole and indisputably filled with desire.